Thursday, January 19, 2017

Did Reb Moshe Shapiro ever sit down with רבי יואל כהן or any other ליובאוויטשער חסיד?

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So we discussed RMS yesterday, backdating the post to soon after his passing. I got all kinds of messages, both here and in private, how I was asking a silly question re: why did he never mention Chabad. He learned and loved sifrei Chabad but never would he mention them by name in public. The more respectful ones will tell me that it wasn't what he was preaching, so if he did mention Chabad he would use pareve terms like צדיקי אמת or מקובלים. He was a Litvisher, so why mention Chabad. OK. Whatever. Others, those who have big mouths, speak how "today's Chabad" was a "perversion" of the REAL Chabad. As if. As if he knew. As if he ever bothered to speak to anybody in Chabad. I mean it's nice that he discovered a whole new world in Tanya and Likkutei Torah, but just like every other limmud you need to have a Rebbi. Don't think you know just because you have a good head, and then go and dismiss thousands of others who follow a mesorah for 200+ years. Did you ever make an appointment with an "expert" in Sifrei Chabad who has a mesorah and discuss with him, try to learn from/with him? And if you think you can do it on your won what does that say about you?

Then I wanna know why someone like our friend "Litvak from Budapest" (what's that?) who says that the Leshem held that Chabad was megashem lofty concepts and that's why he didn't mention Chabad, so why learn those seforim at all? The Leshem was totally opposed to Toras HaChassidus from the BeSHT on, שרק those that claim to follow his teachings are allowed to learn Sifrei Chabad? שפת אמת? ר' צדוק? שם משמואל? And in Chabad גופא - it's only the later doros that were meGashem? So תניא-ליקוטי תורה is still allowed? like where did it start? the Tzemach Tzedek perhaps? Was he meGashem? Litvak, you consider your self a rational person, is that what you believe? And what does to be MeGashem mean anyway? Where do these people get these ideas, and why do sane, rational people follow them?! Just because he's a little out of the box and speaks of new concepts? II guess so. It seems to me that they've remained very much within the box of anti-Chassidus, despite all the learning.

The answer is very poshut. At least for me. [I was thinking of bringing R' Eli Weintraub into this discussion, because he was a similar person. He learned Chabad and would even mention the source, but he too somehow "understood better."] To learn Chassidus and be a gantze mentsh far zich just doesn't exist. Chassidus is bittul. If you learn and internalize you become bottul. You can teach but it's not about you. The examples are numerous. Too numerous to mention. The examples even go as far as people who do make it about them have a very hard time teaching Chassidus, because it just won't "allow it." So people who become "Gedolim" based on teaching מחשבה and becoming ענקי המחשבה - that doesn't jive with Chassidus Chabad. So much so that they can't even mention sifrei Chabad - almost as if the seforim itself won't ALLOW themselves to be mentioned... Then there's a side issue I have with many of these same personalities, how they all somehow manage to hook up with the adversaries of Chabad Shluchim and become those who put them on the map. Especially in places like the Former Soviet Union, וד"ל. But that's for another time. יש עוד הרבה מה להגיד.

יהי זכרו ברוך

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Tuvia (from Tuvia's) at his sheva brochos

I remember Reb Shmerel Karelitz (pictured here with the cigarette) from when he lived in Boro Park. He would daven in a local chassidishe shtiebel (השם שמור במערכת) and we looked at him a little odd. Because in our little minds all that was important was how you looked and dressed. And he looked a little different. We didn't know who he was. Wore a frock but like with patent leather shoes. Whatever. Strange what sticks in your head after all those years. Why am I speaking about that side note when it's supposed to be about Tuvia Rotberg, last of the Litvaks?

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

רבותי! ביטע גיבט מיר צו פארשטיין ווער און וואס דאס איז געווען רבי משה שפירא

I'm not c"v here to speak ill. I saw the obituaries in the sites and the newspapers, and the plagiarizing one from the other. I saw the התפעלות that he knew everything by heart. But I'd like to know מה טיבו. It seems to this uneducated blogger that any Litvishe Rov/Rosh Yeshiva/Mashgiach that speaks about anything outside of the norms is considered a איש מחשבה and then some. It also seems to me that they're willing to learn and disseminate RaMCHal, MaHaRaL, GRO, and even Pareve Chassidishe Seforim like Sfas Emes and Shem MiShmuel, which the Litvish like, for some reason. But of course they'll never venture into the more defined Chassidishe Seforim, and of of course Sifrei Chabad מאן דכר שמיה. About the niftar they say that he knew Tanya and loved Likutei Torah in his personal life, but didn't teach or preach it. I just wonder why that is? If you're searching why not do a complete and thorough search? I attach a hesped - pretty short, by Reb Michoel (Mickey) Sorotzkin, son nephew of Reb Boruch of Telshe-Cleveland. I guess I chose it because it's in a calm tone and relatively short, no other reason.


Tuesday, January 3, 2017

הרה"ח ר' נחמן אלבוים ע"ה

בד"ה: הרב נחמן אלבוים ע"ה 

הגוראי שלא זנח את ברסלב: הרב נחמן אלבוים ז"ל

ר' נחמן אלבוים אצל הרבי ● תמונות

Nachman Elbaum, one of the Teheran Children who arrived in Mandatory Palestine in 1943. Reb Nachman was a brother-in-law of Reb Chatzkel Besser. They were married to two sisters, daughters of Reb Berel Ludmir, a descendant of the Alter Rebbe. 


Monday, January 2, 2017

Reb Aron's Chanukah Licht inspiration

We all need it. Inspiration. For some of us it comes in the form of a sefer. Connection to words. For others it's ראיית פני הצדיק that puts either יר"ש or אהוי"ר in our hearts, depending on what's called for. It seems like Reb Aron likes to have the Rosh Yeshiva's ציור next to him by the חנוכה ליכט. The Shabbosdike ציור - that does it for him.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Motzoei Shabbos Plenary Session - Torah uMesorah 9th Annual Presidents Conference

This isn't the usual summer conference for Rebbes and Mechanchim. This is for the BaaleiBatim. In Florida. And they brought YY to speak in front of people like Reb Shmuel Kamenecki. And he was good. Starts at about 1h:42m. Or you can listen to Reb Yossel Tabak about ten minutes earlier.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Cornflakes, Potato and OvernAit Kugel

Hirshel, listen to this:

My friend was in Woodridge for Shabbos. That's near Woodbourne, in the Catskills in Upstate New York. Where the Borscht Belt once was. He walked over from his אכסניא to the holy Woodridger Ruv Reb Yitzchok Lebovitch. There is much to say about this very unique character who lives up there all year round, basically by himself. Reb Yitzchok eats a cornflakes kugel and distributes it to those at his tish. (I'm not sure who else is at his tish? during the winter, that is - HT) That corn flakes kugel is a minhag of the old Kivyashder Ruv of Williamsburg, Reb Yitzchok considers him his rebbe muvhak. He told my friend the following: My Rebbe (who was a Shapiro, einikel ben acher ben of the Rebbe Reb Hersh Mielech) heard from an alter chusid that still remembered the bnei yisoscher, that when potatoes were introduced to Eastern Europe, it was introduced as a American food, The holy בני יששכר asked that they start making a kugel out of it, in order to do birurim on that part of the world (in chabad terms חצי כדור התחתון) that needs alot of birurim. In the world of kugel - which was holy by chasidim - by the Alter Rebbe and others it's the noodle kugel. (potato kugel could not be הלכה למשה מסיני or instead of tekias shofar when RH falls on Shabbos as the Alter Rebbe said...)

So getting back to the corn flakes kugel; the Kiviashder Ruv had a sister that came to the US in the early years. Like before WW2. She was Bertsher rebbetzin, כמדומני (I think her husband was a Rokeach, זייער גרויסע מיוחסים)  - you can maybe look up the whole yichus tree in Wikipedia. Her brother the Kivyashder was by her when he arrived to the US, and he saw a new concept:  corn flakes kugel. He liked it, since corn flakes is a real American food, and this kugel will do the birur, just like the potato kugel did the birur for the Bnei Yisoschor. So who knows who gets credit for the yiddishkiet in the USA? Everybody has their person whom they credit... Satmar, Lubavitch, Lakewood, Torah VoDaas. Nobody gives the cornflakes kugel any credit. I know a big Rebbe that loves Overnight (overnait in the holy Rebbe's Rumanian tongue) potato kugel. 

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Students of the Lubavitcher Day School Greeting LBJ, Worcester, Ma., 1964

The man who sent me this picture made a really good observation: LBJ may have been the last Presidential candidate to campaign in Worcester...

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

The vort and wedding of Reb Refoel Shmulevitz, ע"ה

Grey hat at the vort, black hat at the wedding. source
Reb Refoel was the son of Reb Chaim. That made him Reb Lazer Yudel Finkels' grandson. He passed away less than a year ago after suffering from a debilitating disease. He was married to Reb Avrohom Farbstein's daughter.

מימין לשמאל: הג"ר אברהם שמואלביץ, הגרא"י פינקל, הגר"א פרבשטיין, הג"ר דניאל פרבשטיין

מרן ראש הישיבה ר' לייזר יודל (וסב החתן) נכנס לאולם! ימים על ימי מלך תוסיף....

אבי החתן הגר"ח שמואלביץ מגיע לאולם

תמונה נדירה של רבי חיים שמואילביץ - אבי החתן - עם משקפיים

נראים הגרא"ק, ר' לייזר יודל, החתן, ר' חצקל סרנא, רבי משה חברוני ור' מאיר חדש
 - עומד אולי רבי אברהם פרבשטיין

רבי חצקל סרנא משמאל עם המשגיח רבי אלי' לאפיאן זצ"ל

Monday, December 5, 2016

"Torah Links" wants you to know that they're "ABSOLUTELY" not a Litvishe version of Chabad...

פון "מאמענט" מאגאזין

At first I thought that the interviewer was asking a loaded question, setting up the answer. But after seeing the full answer I'm not quite so sure anymore... It seems like these people would find some way to knock Chabad and their mivtzoyim. Just because. Then they kind of overstep their boundaries. Like, they're going too far is to distance themselves from Chabad. Only Torah קען באלייכטען א אידישע הארץ? Mitzvos can't do anything? What about a big shtreimel with the shpitzen blown into place using half a can of hairspray, can that באלייכט א אידישע הארץ? מי שמך לאיש Mr. Torah Links?Who told you that the point of being mekarev yidden is to גענצליך overturn a Yiddishe hartz? Who died and made you the boss of Torah and Kiruv?

We expect better journalism from מאמענט - you guys come out looking juvenille.

AND as far as Torh Links is concerned, I'd refer them to their mission statement. See below.